Tube en acier inoxydable avec ou sans couture

Tube en acier inoxydable avec ou sans couture
Tube en acier inoxydable

TOPE provides the highest quality stainless steel tube and services. Our commitment is to shorten lead times affording greater flexibility. Our customers needs come first so no job is too small.

All tubes is 100% Eddy Current Tested. We provide the highest quality stainless tube. Rigorous in process inspection and tests assures the highest quality for our customers.


Outer diameter:Φ2mm---Φ30mm;
Wall thickness:0.1mm---2mm;
Pressure:70 Mpa---120 MPa
Tolerance of outer diameter: +/-0.05mm
Tolerance of wall thickness: +/-0.05mm
Delivery state: soft, medium soft, hard
Surface of the tubes: original color after acid cleaning, polished.
Min. Quantity: No limit

Information for orders:

1. Pipe material?
2. Pipe diameter*thickness* length?
3. Order quantity?

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