Resistance Wire coiling machine RX01

Wire coiling machine for electric heater or heating elements sample of Wire coiling machine

The manufacture of spirals of resistance wire is of the greatest importance for the correct function and long life of the heating elements. When coiling the resistance wire by hand , it is difficult to obtain a uniform pitch after cold stretching. Therefore, you often have to do hot stretch ,thereby eliminate the irregularities. However, hot stretching is much more expensive.

Constructions of Resistance Wire coiling machine

Machine stand in welded sheath design
Motor with variable mandrel speed
Control tower
Cutting device
Coil tray
Set of tools

Technical parameters of Resistance Wire coiling machine:

Power supply:220V,50Hz, 500W
Main axis speed:0~2134rpm
Pinch roller speed:0~74rpm
Spool max. weight :4kgs
I.D. of element:0.75mm~12.7mm
Resistance Wire diameter:0.10mm~1.0mm

Additional equipment of Resistance Wire coiling machine

Cut off device for coil diameter 9~12mm
Dereeling device for large wire spools up to 20kgs
double wires and three wires coiling devices are available.

Required information for ordering

Mandrel size
Coil diameter
Power supply

Video of Wire coiling machine

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