Stainless Steel Tube making machine HG01

stainless steel tube making machine details of Tube making machine

Tube making machine specially designed for producing seam-welded tubes in stainless steel or heat-resistant alloys.

Making high quality stainless steel tubes.
flexible, saving material, high output and high accuracy.

Construction of Tube making machine:

Double strip dereeler
Welding device for joining strips
Strip forming rolls with stands
TIG-welding unit with Arc stabilizer
Calibration rolls with stands
Straightening device(optional)
Tube cutting device(optional)
Tube receiving table(optional)
High frequency annealing equipment(optional)
Eddy current tester for controlling of the welding seam(optional)
One week training is included.

Tolerance of Tube making machine:

General recommended tolerances of trip are:
Thickness:+0/-0.05 or +0.015/-0.035
The strips must not have a camber exceeding 1mm/m.
The ovality of tubes of ±0.04 can be obtained with new rolls.

Technical information of Tube making machine:

Control system:Mitsubishi PLC
Production speed:6~18(20)m/min
Tube diameter:4mm~20mm
Tolerance of tube:±0.05mm
Wall thickness:0.15~1.0mm
Strip coil diameter:I.D.:300~600mm O.D.:1250mm
Air supply:Min.600 kPa, dry and oil free.
Argon consumption:200~700 liters/hr(recommend 95% Ar/5%H2
Water consumption:190~400 liters/hr
Percentage of pass:Above 98%

Video of Stainless Steel Tube making machine

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