U-shaped tube bender WG02

pneumatic bender for electric heater hydraulic bender for heating elements
sample for U shape bender

mainly applied to stainless steel, copper, iron, U-shaped heating tubes.


1. Center the element automatically , assure the parallelism of bended tubes.
2. Pneumatic(WG02-Q) or(WG02-Y) hydraulic bending, high efficiency
3. Bend up side, save space.

Main Models
Model WG02-Q WG02-Y
Power supply Single-pahse 220V,50Hz, 200W Tri-phase 380V,50Hz 1.5KW
Air supply 5~7kgs/cm2
Tube diameter(mm) ∮6~∮12 ∮6~∮12
Tube length(mm) 200~1000 200~1000
Efficiency(8h) 5000pcs~6000pcs 6000~8000pcs
Size(L*W*H)mm 2000*80*80 3000*650*1080
Weight(kgs) 150 450

Video of U-shaped tube bender WG02-Q

Video of U-shaped tube bender WG02-Y

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