Swaging machine for cartridge heater DGSG01

Swaging machine for cartridge heater samples for swaging machine
mould for swaging machine

  • The moulds can be made according to your requirement.
  • mainly used for reducing round, metal sheathed cartridge heater elements

    *it is a economical machine makes the tubes smooth surface.
    *Easy to operate and maintain.
    *Small volume, compact structure.

    Technical information

    Power supply: triphase 380V,50Hz
    Rotation speed of main spindle: 272rpm
    Power of motor:5.5KW
    Rotation speed of motor:1450rpm
    Max. dia. Of tube:35mm
    Feeding speed:5~6m/min.
    motor of oil pump:DB-25A120W
    Size (L * W * H):1120*950*1340mm

    Video of Swaging machine for cartridge heater

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