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resistance strip high temperature

resistance strip high temperature

Resistance heating strip

The resistance heating strip refers to the cross-sectional rectangular metallic strip with round corners. Its thickness ranges from 0.025mm to 2mm, while its width is usually shorter than 5mm. The proportion between its width and thickness ranges from 2:1 to 50:1, so on and so forth. As the form factor of a strip is in the shape of a belt, it is sometimes also called ultra-narrow flat belt. In comparison with the most common round wire, the resistance heating strip has several unique advantages in the areas of heat dissipation, surface of the welding interfaces, corrosion resistance, tensile strength control, etc.

The resistance heating strip is widely used in the applications of high-end instruments, electrical appliance components, vacuum parts, electrical resistance devices as well as the wire leads and the mechanical parts in the semiconductor equipment. A strip with a width of 2mm or less fulfills the inadequacy of a ultra-narrow belt that could not be accomplished by splitting the strip.

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