Reducing rolling mills

Rolling machine for heating elements SG01-8 Rolling machine for heating elements SG01-12

Roller for rolling machine

Reducing rolling mills are specially designed to reduce round, metal sheathed tubular elements. They contain a number of pairs of driven rolls, mounted in a V-shaped bearing box assembly.

Sintered carbide rolls(Cr12,W18Cr4V) are recommended for annual production more than one million meters of hard material. The life can be 5~10 times than tool steel.
12 stations can process thicker tubes and higher reduction rates than 8 stations.
The min. length of tube:110mm
Efficiency: 18m/min.
Tube diameter after compressing: Φ5.2mm~Φ19.0mm
The max. diameter before compressing: 21mm
After compressing, the straightness can reach 1:300, and the roundness can reach 0.07mm.
The minimum safety distance between tubes should be 500mm, or one third of the element length.

Construction of Reducing rolling mills

Machine stand with motors and gear boxes
Transmission shafts
Bearing box assembled with rolls(high speed steel or tungsten carbide)
Simple type of straightening device

Main Models
Model SG01-8 SG01-12 SG01-16
Power supply Triphase 380V 50Hz 6.10KW Triphase 380V 50Hz 9.3KW Triphase 380V 50Hz 12.3KW
Number of rollers Eight stations Twelve stations Sixteen stations
Motor uniform speed optional optional
diameter reduction rate 16% 17~21%
Size(L*W*H)mm 1160*820*1160 1620*820*1160 2090*820*1160
Weight(kgs) 1500 1700 2100

Video of Reducing rolling mills

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