Quartz tube white or transparant

Quartz tube white or transparantTwins quartz tube
Quartz tube colofulspiral Quartz tube
spiral Quartz for quartz heaterQuartz tube white

Quartz tube Dimensions

Simple tubes:
Outer diameter: 2-350 mm
Wall :0.5 to 13 mm
Length: 200 to 4500mm

Gemel tubes:
Profile: 8x17mm 11x23mm, 15x33mm
Length: 400 to 3000mm

What is quartz tube?

Quartz tube is one of the special industrial material which is made of SiO2. It is a very good material base.

Applications of Quartz

Quartz tubes can be used for infrared quartz heater, tube heater etc.

Quartz material properties

Quartz tube has many excellent physical and chemical properties.

Corrosion resistance: quartz tube is resistant to any acid except HF acid. The ability of corrosion resistance is 30 times more than the ceramic, and 150 times more than stainless steel, especially chemical stability at high temperature, any other material engineering can not compare.

Quartz heat resistance: quartz melting temperature is 1730 ℃; can be used in the temperature 1200 ℃ for a long time, the maximum short-term temperature reaches 1450 ℃.

Quartz thermal conductivity:Low coefficient of thermal expansion (5.5x10-7 / ° C, the quartz tube can be increased to a Centigrade temperature, then put it in water at normal temperature, the tube will not crack).

Quartz optical properties:The quartz tube has good light transmittance properties in the entire spectral from ultraviolet to the infrared. the visible light transmittance is 98% or more, especially in the UV spectral region, the maximum transmission rate can be up to 90%.

Due to the excellent physical and chemical properties, quartz tube is widely used in electricity, semiconductors, optical communications, military industry, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, machinery, electricity, environmental protection and other fields.

Quartz tube suppliers

We supply kinds of quartz tube of different colors, white or milky, transparent, pink, blue, black, yellow. The surface is smooth. We have supplied the quartz tube in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, etc.

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