Polishing machine

Polishing machine for tubular heater PG01-1 Polishing machine for heating elements PG01-4
Polishing machine for electric heaters PG02 sample of polishing machine

PG01-1/ PG01-2/ PG01-3/ PG01-4/ PG01-8 Semiautomatic polishing machine

mainly used to polish straight metal tubes and rods.

Functions of Semiautomatic polishing machine:

The tube diameter can be adjustable, easy to operate
Durable imported polishing roller(3M brand)
Low noise, high quality

PG02 Vac sorb polishing machine

mainly used for polishing kinds of electric plate.

Functions of Vac sorb polishing machine:

vac sorb, convenient.
Subpressure switch protect
subpressure protecting when start and stop

Main models:
Model PG01 PG02
Power supply Triphase 380V,50Hz, 1.7KW Triphase 380V,50Hz,800W
Air supply 5~7 kgs/cm2
Tube diameter(mm) Φ5~Φ20
Polishing wheel NO.(pcs) 1/2/3/4/8
Size(L*W*H)mm 900*800*1000 600*600*100
Weight(kgs) 200 110

Video of Semiautomatic polishing machine PG01-1

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