The Production Process of Electric Heater


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Summary:How to make electric heaters? This article is talking about the basic production process of electric heater. To make a good quality of electric heater, there are many factors, we can’t specify all the details here. But we are trying to include all the complete process here.

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Many people have been extremely curious to know how tubular heaters are manufactured. The following section comprises of the actual record of detailing the procedures of producing tubular heaters.

1. Cutting of tubes (Material preparation)

Measuring tools and equipment: Stainless steel tube cutting blade, steel ruler, measuring tape, caliper, Tube cutting machine.

2. Chamfering (Removal of burrs)

Measuring tools and equipment: Drilling bit, trolley, air compressor, water tank, external pressure gauge, deburring machine.

3. Cleaning of tubes

Measuring tools and equipment: Long-handle brush of various specifications, stainless steel wire ball.

4. Pushing plastic plug

Measuring tools and equipment: Steel ruler, hand press, plug and pin assembling machine

5. Coiling

Measuring tools and equipment: Coiling machine, coiling mandrels of various specifications, measuring tape, digital resistance meter.

6. Spot welding (Oxy-fuel welding)

Measuring tools and equipment: Energy-saving welding machine, oxy-fuel welding equipment, welding rod.

7. Filling (Critical procedure)

Measuring tools and equipment: Powder filling machine, automatic disintegrator, oven, measuring tape, cleaning tray, gasoline.

8. Tube rolling

Note: After tube rolling, the difference between the longest and the shortest tube must not be greater than 3%. If the disparity is excessively large such that it cannot be rectified, the wasted product will be calculated to the procedure of powder filling. Measuring tools and equipment: Tube rolling mill, measuring tape, caliper.

9. Lathing the two ends

Measuring tools and equipment: Lathe gauge, stainless steel blade, measuring tape, steel ruler, trim machines

10. Annealing

Measuring tools and equipment: Annealing furnace, partial annealing machine, oxy-fuel welding equipment.

11. Tube bending

Measuring tools and equipment: Tube-bending tool, bending machine, hydraulic press, punching machine, caliper, universal angle ruler, measuring tape.

12. Welding

Measuring tools and equipment: Oxy-fuel welding equipment, various welding rods.

13. Sealing

14. Surface treatment

15. Final testing

When the current is cut off, check that the hot insulation is ≥2MΩ within 1 minute. Under the natural conditions, monitor the insulation after cooling for 1 hour. The insulation shall restore to 100 MΩ and above.

Measuring tools and equipment: Automatic disintegrator, digital resistance meter, current leakage meter, caliper, measuring tape, steel ruler, flat panel, testing machine.

16. Marking – Conduct according to customers’ requirements.

17. Packaging of the tubular heaters - Conduct according to customers’ requirements.

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